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Mowing your parking lot?

Mowing your LAWN is one thing, but mowing your pavement is something that you should never have to do! In fact, if you have weeds beginning to appear in your blacktop or in the joints of your concrete, then you need to act fast! These weeds are indicators of a much larger issue. This means that water is getting down into these cracks and beginning to deteriorate the base!

The grass and weeds are NOT growing from beneath the surface, rather growing on TOP of the surface. Birds will drop seeds and wind will blow seeds into the cracks and pretty soon, you have an unwanted appearance of vegetation.

Most people will simply grab some weed killer, spray the nuisance crop and then feel good when they see the once-green vegetation dying off.

But be aware that the damage has already begun!

What do the roots of these weeds do? They slowly reach through tiny cracks to find the water that has seeped into the ground through the cracks. These roots will reach deeper and deeper to find more water and they grow and expand as they do this. It will result in wider cracks and more water getting in! It is an endless process of deterioration and damage to your sidewalks, driveway, parking lots and any other surface covered by pavement or concrete!

But the weeds are just a part of the problem! When water gets in, the temperature variations begin to affect the very strength and longevity of life for your pavement! When the ground freezes, the water (ice) expands and pushes the pavement apart even further. Then when the ground heats up and thaws, it leaves a wider crack for debris to enter. Plus each of the cracks represents a new "wall" of the surface that will begin to erode and make the crack even bigger. Sometimes this results in large chunks breaking away or even potholes!

By the time you see potholes, you may be in need of a complete replacement. So, when you see weeds or grass beginning to show up, do yourself (and your wallet) a favor by stopping this vicious cycle!

We're here to help with crack filling, joint caulking or any other pavement, asphalt or concrete repair and maintenance services!

Call today for an evaluation and estimate! (614) 638-5914

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